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  • Gary Hedden

2019 Lawn Be Gone Bike Ride

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

We had another great Lawn Be Gone Bike Ride on Saturday, April 13. We saw some yards without a blade of grass and lots of green and colorful plants. It can be done, and one yard had a ‘meadow lawn’ that had not been mowed in two years and it looked great.

Barbara and Kevin O’Reilly with some of the bike riders

We started at the Living Classroom garden at Oak School. Caroline Chan told us that their program has been educating students since 2008 with garden-based lessons in science, math and social studies. The kids look forward to it and whenever a volunteer with a brown Living Classroom visor shows up, they cheer.

An added benefit for the community are the descriptive signs that have been provided with each plant and tree. It’s a big help for anyone planning their own yard.

Caroline Chan describing the Living Classroom project at Oak School

One homeowner was especially proud of her collection of succulents. They are so easy she said as she plucked and handed out pieces to every rider to take home for their own personal collection.

Long-time GreenTown supporters Barbara and Kevin O’Reilly enjoyed showing off their many plants, and in a brief diversion, Kevin proudly showed how well their newly installed permeable concrete driveway quickly made the water disappear into the ground. They didn’t have any puddles this year despite the heavy rainfall.

Anky van Deursen showing off her plants – especially her succulents.

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