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  • Gary Hedden

500 Trees, Round Two. Still Growing!

Memorial weekend brought the second year of our 500 Trees campaign to a close. We planted five more trees, bringing our total for this planting season to 57. That is quite a drop from the 162 we planted in round one, but the pandemic slowed us down.

We planted two Valley Oaks in Redwood Grove, one in honor of a mother who passed away recently. Memorial weekend is a sadly appropriate time, but the family was very positive, and her two young children helped with the planting. They, and family friends, laid red roses at the base of the tree in a quiet moment of respect.

The AAUW helped with the planting of the other oak. They worked with us to get a tree planted in Los Altos, and they are working with Canopy to get a tree planted in Mountain View. The AAUW recognizes the value that trees bring us, and we thank them for their support.

We also planted two Valley Oaks in Lincoln Park. A group of residents led by Dana Tosic contacted GreenTown and asked for our help getting more trees planted. We worked with the City and made it happen.

We will be back next Fall, although the drought may very well delay our start. We already have a lot of folks interested in getting a tree, but please let us know if you would like to be added to the list!

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