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Dr. Hardy Jones Memorial Bike Ride

Sam with Egan Viking

For the third year, GreenTown Los Altos led a bike ride in memory of the late Dr. Hardy Jones of Los Altos. Hardy collected scrap metal and turned it into what he liked to call “found art.” As an orthopedic surgeon, he also called it “orthopedic art,” turning broken pieces of metal into artwork. Most of the schools in town have his artwork depicting their mascot.

The group at Dr. Hardy’s home

We saw Bobcats at Santa Rita, an Eagle at the High School, another eagle at Almond, a Lion at Loyola and Coyotes at Covington. At each stop, Hardy’s good friend Sam Harding would tell us a story or two. Most of the pieces are unfinished, somewhat rusty metal – just the look Hardy enjoyed. The two painted ones got a touch up by Sam just this week.

Gary, Jane, and Sam at the studio

A special treat this year was a visit to Hardy’s studio. It was clean and well organized. Jane Bryan-Jones explained that a son-in-law and his friend have taken up metal sculpture and the studio still gets a lot of use. They cleaned it up just for us.

We had a fun and informative bike ride and we hope to be back next year.

~ Gary Hedden

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