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  • Michele Gerstel

Put The Fun Back Into Gardening!

Considering gardening with local native plants? Learn the how-to by watching this recent webinar recording presented by the nursery director and botanical consultant of Grassroots Ecology. Especially

with the added drought restrictions by our water companies, Purissima Hills Water District and Cal Water, to conserve more water, transitioning from lawn to a native landscape deserves more than our consideration. These water companies do provide rebates.

Other benefits of native plants that you didn't know, but you're gonna love, include:

  • providing fire resilience (Phew)

  • less maintenance (Yay!)

  • biodiversity (Nice!)

  • rebates (see below)

and much more. Find out more about the rebates made available from CalWater and the rebate

program from Valley Water here.

For more ways to conserve and other helpful resources from your specific water company, check out: Conservation ( and Conservation - Cal Water.

The planting season is now! Winter is the best time to establish native plants that will carry you through into the fall.

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