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  • Glenda Chang

This 8th Grader Is Asking For Help!

Thanks Ava! For Your Diligence On Climate Change.

Hello! My name is Ava and I am an incoming 8th grader at St. Nicholas Catholic School in Los Altos Hills. In 7th grade, I was the Commissioner of Ecology in the Student Council. To celebrate Earth Day back in April, all the students participated in a school wide bottle cap art project. As a school we collected more than 1500 bottle caps! Students and teachers collected plastic caps from daily items they use like a plastic water bottle or a milk jug.

This mural shows planet Earth with a tree growing out of it. It serves as a reminder of the importance of recycling, reducing waste and doing whatever we can to save our planet. Our students are part of the generation that's going to need to save our Earth from unfolding, irreversible changes. This bottle cap project was a great way to get all the kids involved and to raise awareness.

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