500 Trees

Help Us Plant 500 Trees!


Trees help you, our city and the planet. They look attractive, their shade will keep your home cooler in the summer and trees sequester carbon while producing oxygen. Trees can play a pivotal role in the response to climate change and you can make a difference.

NEW! 2021 Tree Planting Campaign

GreenTown Los Altos is happy to report we planted over 200 trees in the first two seasons. Next fall, we're ready to plant some more. Check out the tree list with our top 24 trees, prepared with the help of Canopy, and sign up for a visit from us. We'll come to your house and help you pick out a tree. The trees are in 15-gallon containers and we charge $110 per tree which includes the planting. We think that's a pretty good deal and hope you will too!


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