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  • Inspire our community to learn more about the health and environmental impacts of unsustainable practices such as using plastic for items that can be made from more earth-friendly materials such glass, metal, wood and natural fibers

  • Provide practical solutions for reducing waste to our residents, schools, and businesses

  • Facilitate proper recycling when no other option is available to reuse items

  • Educate families on the health and environmental effects from chemically-derived materials in packaging, furniture, clothing, toys, etc. and suggest ways to minimize such harms

  • Share resources so we all can become better stewards of local natural resources

  • Advocate for local and state policies and legislation that help us meet our goal of moving toward zero waste living

  • About two thirds of all the plastic ever produced has been released into the environment and remains there as: ocean debris, micro- or nanoparticles in air and agricultural soils, microfibers in water supplies, or microparticles in human bodies

  • There are affordable, reasonable changes we can make as individuals, families, and as a community that will improve our environment and reduce our health risks from the chemicals we are exposed to from plastic

  • The majority of plastic waste (and essentially all single-use plastic) cannot be recycled, despite the “chasing arrows” imprint on the bottom

  • In 2020, California became the first US state to enact a recycled content requirement for plastic beverage container! The first benchmark is to reach 15% recycled content by 2022, on the way to a 50% requirement by 2030


Take Action with the 7 Rs!

Zero Waste Brochure

Reducing and reusing can reduce greenhouse gasses. Together, our individual steps in waste reduction make a big difference

Net Bag and Glass Jars
A Zero Waste Story

How are WE ever going to DO THIS?

by Anne Marie Bonneau

Zero Waste.png
Join the Zero Waste team!

If you are passionate about eliminating single use plastics, reducing packaging or reducing waste in the community please join us!

Borrow a Party Pack!

Your next party can be ECO-FRIENDLY

Zero-waste parties are gaining in popularity. Why not borrow the items you need (to serve up to 40) instead of buying single-use throwaways?

Image by Naja Bertolt Jensen
Ocean Plastics:

What Goes Around Comes Around;

Now In A Better Way

Image by Nick Fewings
Plastic Free July

Go plastic-free this month!


Join Us during the month of July and beyond to eliminate single-use plastics from your life and your community.

Plastic Bottles
The Story of Plastic

A Story of Injustice.


Plastic pollution is truly an environmental injustice impacting all of us—some more than others...

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