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  • Gary Hedden

A Plea To Save The Planet. Yes You!

Not to be too dramatic, but you can help save the planet. Yes, you!

Los Altos is updating the 2013 Climate Action Plan with a new plan, the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. A draft plan was presented to the Environmental Commission Oct. 11, and the goals presented were good but the details were lacking. The goals included:

  • electrifying transportation

  • energy efficiency retrofits

  • increased landfill diversion

  • planting trees and much more.

All worthwhile goals but how they will be achieved and how quickly were not clear. Another presentation to the Environmental Commission is scheduled for Nov. 15 with the promise of smart goals - goals with a timeline, measurable metrics and cost estimates. You can help by marking your calendar and planning to attend. Even better, speak up. A lot of people, myself included, feel that the next ten years are critical and we must do more. In Los Altos, we are intellectually and financially capable of doing more. We get it, we understand it and we can afford to do more. We should be among the leaders showing what is possible. in addition, a Study Session with the City Council is scheduled for 4:00 Tuesday, Nov. 2. The targets and key actions are good, but the details are lacking. You can view it here. - Gary Hedden

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