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  • Kim Jelfs

Is Sustainability In Your 2024 Goals?

Updated: Jan 10

Is your New Year's resolution to live sustainably and reduce waste? Here are some resources to help  get you there:

Facebook Buy Nothing Group

Join your local neighborhood group to regift/donate items you don’t need. Recent finds: ski poles, sunscreen, cocktail glasses, cookware and more! Can also borrow items if you need something one time for an event or houseguests.

Similar sites:

Too Good To Go App

Restaurants and stores advertise “surprise bags” of surplus food (e.g. hummus, baked goods) at bargain prices. Enjoy some delicious treats whilst minimizing food waste.

Support Local Shops:


Sunnyvale non-profit sells designer samples of fabric, carpet, tile, sewing notions and more. Get creative and keep these textiles out of the trash by checking out their site here.

Sprouts Supermarket

With its bulk bins of dried fruits, nuts, flours, coffee, herbs etc. You can bring your own containers to their meat/seafood department where staff will weigh them and note the tare weight before filling.

Right On Refillery

Skip excessive packaging by shopping local bulk bins and refill stores. A local example? Check out Right On Refillery here, it's in downtown Los Altos for bulk cleaning and personal care items.

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