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  • Michele Gerstel

Sustainability Business Spotlight: Naturepedic Organic Mattresses

There’s a new sustainability kid in town on Main Street, occupying the spot where Los Altos Card and Party used to be: Naturepedic Organic Mattresses.

Dominic and Michael, who operate the business in downtown Los Altos, say they are purveyors of "some of the most comfortable and customizable mattresses in the world" which are also safe to sleep on because they're sustainably produced.

Naturepedic is one of the few independently certified organic mattress manufacturers in the United States. Being organic, their products don’t introduce pesticides or toxic chemicals into the supply chain. There are no fire retardants or polyurethane foam in their products that would expose you to off-gassing VOCs and other toxins. Naturepedic has more certifications, awards and endorsements than any other organic brand giving you peace of mind in their commitment to protecting the planet as well as your health and well-being .

Abby Ahrens, who understands quality and comfort, uses Naturepedic mattresses in her Enchante Boutique Hotel.

If you're tired of sleeping on petroleum-based beds, and want a safe, comfortable sleeping experience, check out their store and support their sustainability oriented business.


222 Main Street

Los Altos, California 94022

PH: 408-370-2000

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