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Teens Tackle Woodland Weeds In Drought Tolerant Garden

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

In early October, six high school students joined GreenTown members Glenda Chang and Kim Jelfs to help “refresh” the drought tolerant garden at Woodland Library. Read more about the transition here.

After a major restoration effort earlier this year, the garden was looking great! But low maintenance isn’t no maintenance. Invasive grasses and morning glory had crept in, choking native plants. The students worked to “weed out” the affected areas and clear pathways in preparation for an upcoming hardscape project.

The 6 girls are studying AP Environmental Science at Homestead High School. Their interests include combating climate change, environmental law and sustainable cities. Their class offers volunteer opportunities and for one student, it was the chance to return to her childhood library where she'd previously asked about volunteering.

For others, even without the nostalgic connection, working in the garden was an opportunity to put their beliefs into action. “It was a simple thing I could do to help the community,” said Kate, who is in her senior year and hopes to major in Urban Studies at college.

The team made great progress and finished the afternoon by sowing wildflower seeds. They look forward to returning in the spring to see the wildflowers in bloom. Come by the library garden to appreciate their hard work!

Care to join next time? Please reach out to us here for future workday details.

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