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Welcome Our 2019 Interns! Woohoo!

Every year, GreenTown Los Altos gets help in accomplishing our mission from students whose hearts are in environmental change for the better. Our 2019 interns are as impressive as ever: (in alphabetical order)

Mahita Bobba is a rising Senior at Los Altos High School. She’s passionate about political science, business, and environmental justice. She’s a student leader and youth activist, and is super excited to intern for GreenTown Los Altos and help create a sustainable community.

Lexie Crilley is a rising senior at Los Altos High School, a competitive swimmer, and a still-learning pianist. Her favorite subjects are biology and English, as she loves reading, writing, and learning about all aspects of science. In her free time, she enjoys art and photography, as well as spending time in nature by hiking, biking and exploring. She’s passionate about protecting the environment and is excited to be a part of GreenTown Los Altos!

Ellen Hu is a rising senior at Summit Denali w

They’ll be working on a variety of projects with each intern focusing on one capstone project –

  1. Mahita Bobba will focus on our effort to stop the use of gas-powered leaf blowers

  2. Lexie Crilley will focus on reducing waste, especially plastic waste

  3. Ellen Hu will work on our campaign to Plant 500 Trees by Arbor Day 2020

  4. Chloe Olsen is on her way to Berkeley and will focus on our Eating Healthy, Eating Greencampaign.

The internship program runs for 10 weeks in July and August, and we look forward to the energy and excitement that these students bring to GreenTown.

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