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What a wonderful Garden Party & Fundraiser! Thank You.

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

GreenTown held its fall fundraiser in the garden of Los Altos’ oldest house, a historic landmark. Guests were treated to delicious food, a signature cocktail and refreshing wines against a background of lovely piano music by Hana Shin. It was a chance to meet up with old friends, make new ones, get inspired and share your thoughts and ideas on tackling pressing environmental issues to help improve quality of life for, well, everyone.

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and attended the event, participated in our online auction and fund-a-need. Due to your support and that of our sponsors, we exceeded our fundraising goal!

Policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions!

We heard from Rep. Marc Berman who, is well known to the GreenTown community and much appreciated for his leadership on the environment. Marc's work at the state level aligns well with GreenTown's efforts to combat climate change and protect and conserve our natural resources.

Marc spoke about a bill that was signed into law in Oct. 2021 that begins to reduce air pollution from new small off-road equipment (SORE) starting in January 2024. This equipment emits more ground-level smog forming air toxins than all of the light duty vehicles in California! Just let that sink in! When the law goes into effect, we'll get cleaner air plus bonus carbon emission reductions, given that the clean SORE alternatives are all electric.

Next, Marc plans to take on industrial emissions, which is responsible for nearly a quarter of California's carbon emissions. It is great to have an advocate like Marc Berman in the state legislature, but this critical work needs our support to pass meaningful legislation!

Our local heroes!

Linda Ziff and the Clean Air Advocates team were recognized as this year's Environmental Heroes. They have pushed for years to have Los Altos’ ban on gas powered leaf blowers enforced, with success just this year! They were instrumental in advocating for homeowners to take responsibility for switching to electricity powered leaf blowers!

Thanks to all our supporters & sponsors!

Thanks to all those who made our Garden Party and the 2023 GreenTown Fundraiser a success. We exceeded our fundraising goal for the event and are so appreciative of your support. The funds from the event help GreenTown build a stronger and more sustainable future, supporting our programs in electrification, transportation, eating green, zero waste and conservation. One special program that GreenTown raised funds for this year, was the conversion of the Festival of Light's Parade floats from dirty gas generators to battery packs powered by clean electricity. We are excited to have raised at least $2,500 for this effort so far, which will pay for the conversion of 5 floats and some of the solar panels to support their charging. Learn more about our programs on our website.

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