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Electric Car

Clean Transportation


  • Reduce carbon emissions generated by transportation

  • Increase the adoption of EVs

  • Encourage walking and biking as the primary modes of getting around the town

  • Support implementation of Walk-or-Wheel! (WoW!) programs

  • Advocate for improved walking and biking infrastructure and Safe Routes to Schools

  • Advocate for increased use of public transit

  • On-road transportation contributes to more than 50% of greenhouse gas emissions in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills

  • Our communities are leaders in adoption of EVs - the 2nd highest in California as a percent of registered vehicles

  • Yet, only 8% of registered vehicles are EVs, leaving a lot of room for improvement

  • Los Altos has 100 miles of streets. Safe streets for pedestrians and bicyclists are critical to increasing the number of people comfortably walking and biking

  • Our relatively flat geography and mild climate makes it ideal for walking and biking. The number of students biking to high school increased markedly since the beginning of GreenTown's WoW program


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Get Involved

If you are passionate about walking, biking or reducing the carbon emissions from vehicles let us know or join us:

Electric Car Battery Charging
Go Electric!

Everything you need to know about EVs to make the switch! Eliminate harmful emissions by charging your EV with Clean Electricity.

Schools WoW!

We work with schools to encourage

Walk-or-Wheel days throughout the year. We make it fun and rewarding for the kids!

Bike Tours

Gary Hedden, our resident reliably dedicated rider has initiated several family fun riding events.

Sign Up! to stay informed about the next tour!

Image by Florencia Viadana
Recycle Bike Drive

Every year our community comes together to fix used bikes and donate to school children who need them!

We have partnered with Silicon Valley Bike Exchange!

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