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Public Park



  • Plant trees

  • Support the protection and acquisition of park land

  • Improve the health of our local waterways

  • Keep our creeks clean

  • Use permeable materials, not asphalt, for shoulder paving, parking lots and driveways

  • Support higher density development where appropriate

  • Support commercial hubs with people-friendly features

  • There are approximately 12,000 trees lining the streets of Los Altos, adding to the rural character enjoyed by residents. 

  • Los Altos has 52.5 acres of City parks and 42 acres of street landscaping.

  • Los Altos is crossed by three creeks that flow north to San Francisco Bay, Adobe Creek on its western boundary, Stevens Creek on its eastern boundary and Permanente Creek in the middle. Hale Creek is tributary to Permanente Creek, and Permanente Creek is now largely diverted to Stevens Creek by a diversion channel. All three creeks originate on the flanks of Black Mountain.

  • Los Altos has 100 miles of streets.

  • Los Altos is a residential community served by seven small retail districts.


Gary and Together We Can on La
Help Us Plant 500 Trees!

Volunteer to help us plant some trees. We have planted 162 and are beginning to plant more in coming season. Sign Up now to get on the list!

Surviving the Drought

Join us for a bike ride to see beautiful front yards without any lawn.

Clean Creeks

Volunteer to help us clean up Permanente Creek like we did in 2018

Cement Paving
Stormwater RunOff

Minimize hardscape. Plant rain gardens and greenscape.

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