Green Goodness

Eating Green

Why Eat Green?

How are your plants shipped?

Our plants are carefully packaged for shipping by thoroughly watering them and then filling around the base with polyfill to maintain moisture through shipping and hold the dirt in place. We then place a dome over the plant top to ensure there is no damage or breakage. This makes our plants arrive happy and healthy! Plants ship out within 3 days of placing your order and arrive within 2-3 days.

What is biodynamic planting?

Biodynamic planting is one step beyond organic. We only use healthy organic soil and sustainable, all natural, biodynamic preparations on our plants. We grow seeds into plants as nature intended them to grow, natural, thriving, earth friendly, and astral force aligned. We plant our seeds based on the best moon cycles for their growth as found in the Maria Thun Biodynamic Almanac. This ensures that plants are given the optimal chance to ensure healthy growth and productivity.

Are your products natural?

We firmly believe that our lives should be close to nature as possible. We strive to only use simple, recognizable, nature based ingredients in all of our products. Our products are body friendly, natural and nourishing. Choosing earth and animal friendly ingredients is important to us. We grow and work with an earth renewal philosophy in which we strive to not only be green and sustainable but to do things in a way that renews the earth and make the world better.

What is your plant return or refund policy?

Upon arrival please open your plant packaging carefully. Use care not to damage stems or leaves while opening. Wortcunners Cottage recommends acclimating and hardening off your seedlings for several days before transplanting. They need to adjust to your climate for optimal health. We only replace plants or refund money on the day of delivery with proof of a plant arriving damaged. Wortcunners Cottage will not refund money on plants that you have transplanted. There are simply too many variables based on the gardener’s skill and garden conditions to be held responsible for a plants health in the hands of another.