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  • Gary Hedden

A Message From GreenTown's President

Like everyone, GreenTown has struggled with the pandemic. Our activities have been curtailed, but we have not been inactive.

During the pandemic, when it was safe to do so, we continued to plant trees for our 500 Trees Campaign, we launched the Lunch with GreenTown series of zoom talks and posted them on our YouTube channel, and we will soon work with a new batch of summer interns, starting June 14 to enhance our programs from the perspective of our youth.

We also instituted term limits to keep our leadership and our Board fresh with new people and new ideas. I will be stepping down as President at the end of June, and Suresh Venkatramen will take charge. We are looking forward to his leadership. Two Board members, Linda Ziff and Cheryl Weiden, will leave the Board.

We thank Linda for her many years of leading creek clean ups, helping with waste reduction and recycling and leading the effort to stop the use of gas leaf blowers.

We thank Cheryl for her help with the anti-idling campaign, getting reach codes adopted and keeping us connected to other important environmental groups.

Two new Board members will join us, Glenda Chang and Kim Jelfs.

Glenda has worked with other nonprofits, the Boy Scouts and helped us plant trees.

Kim has worked with the Zero Waste team, wants to reduce wasteful consumption and recently kicked off a sustainability challenge in her own neighborhood.

We welcome both, and we all look forward to a better next year!

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