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  • Margie Suozzo

Another Bike Drive…"Driving Up" More Smiles

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Wow! What an event! Thank you so much to all our donors and volunteers for coming out and helping to make the 2022 ReCycle Bike Drive a huge success!

We collected more than 80 bikes from our community and cleaned and repaired most of them. Thank you cleaners, that's a big job! (The few that we didn't clean we had pulled aside because we knew we wouldn't be able to repair them on Saturday.)

The bike repair team was impressive, as always. A giant shout out to our loyal bike fixers and the Bicycle Exchange team! We fixed lots of bikes, most of which made it through the quality control phase. ; ) As a result, we have a great start on bikes for students in need, a bit more work to do on some bikes to add to that bucket, and we are set to donate 20 or so bikes to several other organizations working to help get folks on bikes.

Special thanks to those who volunteered for yet another bike drive, to the Bike Exchange team, to newbies who we hope we'll get back next year, and to the students and former students who we love to share this event with! Finally, we couldn't ask for a better location for the drive than LAHS. It works out so well. Thank you to LAHS for supporting the event and for the generous storage space afterwards.

We know that the kids and others who receive bikes will treasure them and end up cycling more and driving less! And that is, after all, a large part of why we do it. Thank you for doing your part in making this year's drive such a success.

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