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Ask GreenTown: “Where do I recycle electronics?”


Do you have suggestions for a local place for e-cycling?


Indeed, it’s harder and harder to find a place to recycle electronics because of changes in the market. Several options are available:

  1. The easiest way is to first try Mission Trail. They’ll collect one piece of electronic waste at curbside, once every six months.  Contact them to let them know you plan to set it out and see if it affects the number of bulky item collections on your account.

  2. For general resources review this:

  3. Looking at the list of California approved e-waste collectors/recyclers on CalRecycle’s website. In addition to Goodwill, GreenMouse and A&J Electronics Recycling take ewaste. Both have been responsible electronics recyclers, e.g., hard drives get destroyed and most of the recycling happens in the state. But these things change so your best bet is to call them and see what they are doing now. You can find them on this list.

  4. Several other local venues will take ewaste:

  5. For no-charge drop off there is also the Sunnyvale SMaRT Station with a drive-through drop-off, more details here.

  6. ABC Storage on Wyandotte Street in Mountain View has info here.

  7. Goodwill Silicon Valley is taking e-waste according to their website

  8. Hope Services in Mountain View, takes ewaste daily. Check it out here.

One question to ask any recycler is if they are working with an e-steward recycler. E-stewards is a certification program to ensure very responsible electronics recycling. There are relatively few of these recyclers but these are the ones we should strive to find. Goodwill claims that they are working with an e-steward recycler and that they destroy all hard drives.

Thanks for the very relevant question!

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