• Suresh Venkatraman

Bike Day Was A BLEND of Fun!

Linda Ziff and Gary Hedden of GreenTown

From the blender bikes churning out smoothies to the Safe Moves Bike Rodeo. From ABC (air, bike, chain) safety checks to checking out an easy to build bamboo bike, Bike Day was nothing short of a fun day. These pictures tell the story!

Smooth ride? Smoothies powered by….whoever gets to ride the blender bike. Drinking them? Well, anyone can do that!

Calfee Designs has a build-your-own-bamboo-bike kit. Shown here is Jason Cruz with our own Gary Hedden.

Safe Moves had about 100 kids visiting their Bike Rodeo. Mike McTighe and Bill Howard welcomed everyone!

Bill Howard teaching the first Safe Moves class. Questions anyone?

Lucas got the aren’t-you-lucky-to-be-first safety vest!

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