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Burning To Bike To the “Burning Ice” Exhibit, But Nope!

If you loved biking as much as Scott Vanderlip and Gary Hedden, you’d organize bike rides too, to share your love of the sport and have some fun, literally, along the way. The duo has organized bike tours in the past (and will in the future) but on a rainy day in February, the planned event was cancelled due to rain, while the fun still happened.

The plan was meet at Peet’s then bike to De Anza College to see an art exhibition, with artwork from GreenTown leader Linda Gass among others. Rain spoiled the ride but not the fun. Here’s Gary’s write up on the subject:

Scott Vanderlip and I organized a bike ride to DeAnza College to see, “Burning Ice”, but Mother Nature said, “No, no, no.” A blustery wind and heavy rain spoiled that grand idea. Instead, we drove.

The name Burning Ice comes from our current burning interest in climate change as the earth’s ice melts. The exhibition of environmental art is in collaboration with Silicon Valley Reads, and their theme for 2016 is climate change.


Some of the pieces were strikingly beautiful such as the waterfall coming from three industrial strength pipes. The “water” is plastic wrap of all things! One of the student interns making this piece has a part time job at Home Depot, and an endless supply of plastic wrap.


The masking tape applied to the floor (right) to create a pathway is another student effort, and elegant for both its simplicity and attractive look.


Linda Gass (pictured left) showed her beautiful work called stitched paintings. The art depicts the the fate of wetlands and the impact of sea level rise in San Francisco Bay. Wetlands act like a sponge to absorb rising sea levels, worrisome in this age of a worsening water crisis.


A final piece worth a closer look, by Barbara Boissevain, is an artistic take on a tragic event, the fire at the Chevron Refinery in Richmond in 2012 that sent 15,000 people to the emergency room. Her photographic images projected into two barrels of oil make a powerful statement.

Linda and Barbara have studios at Cubberley and will be hosting an Open House May 14-15, 11AM-5PM at Cubberley Community Center, 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA. Stop by!

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