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Call for Entries: GreenLight Film and Fashion Festival

Think you have the next great 5 minute video idea? Now’s your chance to strut your stuff, Greenlight Film and Fashion Festival call for entries: deadline Fri. March 28.

Welcome filmmakers! Greenlight 2014 offers a fun new challenge for filmmakers. Your 5-minute or shorter video must address one of the following topics using comedy, animation, drama, fiction, documentary, clay-mation, stop-motion or a combination of film genres and techniques.

Entry categories are: middle school, high school and open (all others).

$1000 in prizes will be awarded.

Films or video submittals must be 5 minutes or shorter, or a 5-minute excerpt of a longer film. Potential film producers must choose from 1 of the designated environmental topics listed:

1.      Role models

2.      Lessons from the past

3.      Changing climate change

4.      Be the inspiration

5.      Environmental justice

6.      Pick a law

7.      Pollution and health

8.      Who is exposed? For more details about submitting your short film or video, visit All film entries will be judged by a panel of experts in various related fields. Finalists will be announced at the festival in Cubberley Community Theater.

Eco-Fashion Designers Make something new from something old!  Reuse is one way to reduce waste which conserves resources.  The purpose of the eco-fashion show is to promote the idea of reuse:  take used clothing or any used materials and making them into a new, wearable fashion. Re-fashion is gaining in popularity as more people adopt a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing waste, reusing and recycling. 

How to participate in the GREENLIGHT Fashion Festival:

1. Take a photo of the materials you will use in your re-fashion design. Remember, your eco-fashion must be made of at least 80% of used materials.

2. Create your new fashion. You, or someone you may choose, will be modeling the fashion on stage during the awards ceremony.

3. Take a photo of your finished fashion.

4. Submit your photos by going to and click on Submit.

For fashion show questions contact, or call (650) 329-2434.

The Film Festival will be broadcast live on local TV stations. Locals, friends and family members are welcome to attend the Festival. It will be held on April 24, 2014, 7:00 – 8:30pm. Admission is free! Do research, be creative, have fun and enter the 2014 Greenlight Film and Fashion Festival!

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