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  • Michele Gerstel

Go Electric! EV Webinar with Janelle London of Coltura

This year’s National Drive Electric Week is from Sep 26-Oct 4, 2020.  In recognition, GreenTown is hosting an informational webinar Oct. 6 at 7pm (REGISTER HERE). Participants will get an overview of the key reasons to drive electric, hear from local electric vehicle (EV) owners, and be able to engage with them about their experiences.

One of GreenTown’s strategic objectives is to eliminate fossil fuels in transportation by encouraging electrification and other modes of transportation (walking, biking etc.).  This webinar is one of GreenTown’s Go Electric! program events that advances this objective through public advocacy and education. Locally focused events like this provide a forum for the community to share concern over environmental issues, learn more, and collectively take action.

Increasing the Percentage of EVs in Los Altos/Los Altos Hills

Although Los Altos/Los Altos Hills has one of the highest rates of EV adoption in California, only about 8% of the vehicles registered are EVs according to the 2019 data published by the DMV. We envision everyone in our community considering buying an EV when they are in the market for their next vehicle. GreenTown would like to ensure that people can get educated as to why EVs are an excellent choice for the environment, learn about the latest product offerings, and get first hand information about EV owners’ experience.

Outline of Event

Normally GreenTown would host such an event in person, but given the state due to the pandemic, the webinar is a great format to educate and engage with the community.  Here is what’s in store for the webinar:

  • Introduction (15 mins):

    • Overview of GTLA and its Transportation objectives

    • Poll attendees about their current vehicles and intentions regarding EV

  • Featured Speaker: Main Talk (30 mins) – Janelle London will discuss the motivation for EVs and the latest developments (30 mins)

    • Janelle London is the Co-Executive Director of Coltura. She is vice chair of the Environmental Quality Commission for the city of Menlo Park, advises Peninsula Clean Energy and Green  Ninja, and has taught a course called Energy, the Environment and Chocolate. She has presented to audiences of thousands, and published the first op ed in California calling for a phaseout of gasoline-powered vehicles. Janelle is a graduate of Stanford University and the University of California Berkeley Law School.

  • EV Driver Testimonials: Panel Discussion (25 mins)

  • Wrap-up

You won’t want to miss it! To REGISTER, click HERE.

Hope to see you online.

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