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Inspiring Action Has A Benefit: Gratitude.

Every six months, in November and May, with Kathleen Santora at the helm, GreenTown Los Altos pulls together a team of people to orchestrate one of our most rewarding events: the ReCycle Bike Drive.

It’s really simple. You have a bike you don’t need, use, want or are looking to give away but don’t know where to go. The ReCycle Bike Drive is the place. We’ll tune it up and find someone who will appreciate it, more than you realize. In fact, we can pretty much guarantee you will make someone smile.

GTLA 3.14 recycle tk u juan

At the last ReCycle Bike drive, we collected >50 bikes and gave them to students in our local community, particularly at Los Altos High School and Castro Elementary.  All the students were grateful for the generous donation, as you can see from the notes they wrote. Sunday, May 4 is our next ReCycle Bike Drive where we collect bikes, spruce them up, do an inspection, and fix any issues before giving the bike to a deserving student.   Over the past 2 years we have collected almost 200 bikes.

GTLA 3.14 recycle tk u jackie

Thanks to those volunteers at the semiannual event and people like you, who help someone smile.

Need more motivation to give? Below are thank you noted written by some owners of last year’s bike drive. If you gave, this is for you. If you haven’t, it feels so good, you’ll want to help collect the bikes (OK, we’re projecting, but we can always use the help!).

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