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It’s Electric!

Welcome to the DownTown Green

Faraday’s e-bikes were very popular. Lots of test rides.

GreenTown partnered with the city of Los Altos to host an energy themed show, It’s Electric! Located on the DownTown Green at Third Street, we had electric cars, electric bikes, Acterra with energy efficiency ideas, four solar panel installers, HEA with a smart meter program, Silicon Valley Clean Energy, and solar cookers baking cookies and popping popcorn. GreenTown had a table, of course, with information about water saving ideas, an electric leaf blower, and an electric trimmer.

KellyAnne Tang at the GreenTown table with Linda Ziff, Kris Jensen and Maddy McBirney.

We also introduced our new initiative, the GreenTown Challenge, to answer the question, “What can I do about climate change?” We will have a community meeting Sept. 13 at the Los Altos Library to describe the GreenTown Challenge and give you a chance to get signed up!

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