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Please! Leave Plastic Behind.

Updated: Aug 3

Plastic. It's everywhere. And in everything. It's micro, it's macro, it's ubiquitous.

At GreenTown Los Altos we're all about helping our community shrink its carbon footprint. Individually and as a community. Top and center to that end is reducing plastic use in big and small ways.

During July, we participated in a global campaign called "Plastic Free July" which had an obvious goal of finding ways to reduce plastic in our lives. The campaign used email and Instagram messages to educate and inspire dozens of participants to take action and to share each others' suggestions on reducing plastic pollution. If you're on Instagram, check out our posts, several of which are below.

For more info on everything from how and where to shop plastic free to how to advocate for plastic-reducing legislation, check out the "Key Takeaways" summary, here.

One thing is clear, we need to collectively start using less plastics. Here are some ideas, consider it a starter kit!

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