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  • Connie Miller

Local Green Business Focus: Enchante Hotel

In this edition of featuring local green business, we feature Enchante Boutique Hotel. An award-wining destination hotel in our own backyard, Enchante is a friendly, reasonably priced and sophisticated hotel. Today we celebrate Enchante’s many efforts for being the first in many sustainability categories.

  • The first hotel in our region we know of that uses 100% organically made beds with no petroleum ingredients.

  • They do all their own laundry in-house, so they can control the laundering products used do not contain harmful chemicals.

  • All cleaning products are organic and void of harmful chemicals.

  • One of the first businesses in town to use paper straws.

  • During Covid with take-out items, one of the first businesses to include compostable ‘plastic’ utensils only upon request.

  • All produce in their restaurant, Campagne Bistro, is locally sourced and organic where possible. Limited vegetarian items are available.

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