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Local Women Turn Swapping Clothes Into A Party!

“Sip & Swap” “founders” Suzanne Bell, Kanesha Banyard, Michelle Sturiale sipping before the swap!

Ingenious! Recently, local divas, Suzanne Bell, Kanesha Banyard and Michelle Sturiale organized a, “Sip and Swap” event in Los Altos. What’s happens at a “Sip and Swap”?

Friends were encouraged to clean out their closets and offer up gently-used clothes that no longer serve them. Michelle hosted the event as Suzanne, a former buyer for Nordstrom, created the right “shopping” atmosphere, including a luxury rack, while Kanesha, a life coach, focused on the things that make her tick – empowering women  through fun and creative events. The organizers envision this as the start of a movement with creating community, clearing clutter, and helping the planet among their goals. To that end, they are working this summer on a guide to help others organize an equally successful “Sip and Swap”.

Think of it as a consignment club. Or shopping without abusing natural resources. Or friends with clothes-you-wouldn’t-mind-wearing benefits. Any way you look at it, it’s good for the environment and easy to pull off (no pun intended, but hey, it works).

Every one of the thirty or so attendees of the April Sip and Swap came away with something (or a bag of things) that they LOVED, including things they would never have purchased!


Key tips for creating such a party include:

  1. Create an evite which includes basic rules so your invitees know what to bring (and what NOT to bring), where to show up, you know…the stuff that can make or break an event.

  2. Make a drop date, for when those attending drop their clothes so they can be organized before the big day.

  3. By the time guests arrive, finger food and drinks will make it a party with goods displayed in an organized way leaving the fun to begin.

GreenTown just loves this idea! While it creates fun, it avoids creating new goods which use a wealth of resources from water to energy and av

oids waste generated throughout the process. What’s not to love.

Sound like something you’d enjoy hosting or attending?  For more details read Suzanne’s blog here.

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