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Lunch With GreenTown: A Speaker Series At Lunch!

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GreenTown will offer a lecture series for the next 5 weeks called, "Lunch with GreenTown", Tuesdays/Thursdays at noon, starting Feb. 23. This will be a virtual program using Zoom, sponsored by the Los Altos Parks & Recreation Department. It will be a free series hosted by environmental enthusiast Gary Hedden. Each unique lecture will have a guest speaker or speakers which are thematic with a Q&A at the end.

The theme is learning about interesting environmental topics important to Los Altos and Los Altos Hills. No matter what your interest, we're sure you'll find some topics relevant to your lifestyle and even learning and sharing goals. To date here are topics and speakers:

  • Feb 23. Electrify Your Home - Connie Miller & Steve Schmidt

  • Feb 25. Good Urban Planning - Alison Hicks, Mountain View City Council

  • Mar 2. Why People Drive, Let's Bike - Shiloh Ballard, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition

  • Mar 4. The Latest on Waste and Recycling - Louie Pellegrini, Mission Trail Waste Systems

  • Mar 9. Regenerative Agriculture - Jason McKenney, Hidden Villa

  • Mar 11. Backyard Cover Cropping - Lisa & Kathleen Putnam, UC Master Gardeners

  • Mar 16. Plant-Based Eating - Isabelle Cnudde & Davy Davidson

  • Mar 18. Can Art Change our Environmental Consciousness? - Linda Gass

  • Mar 23. The Circular Economy - Julie Noblitt, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, US

  • Mar 25. Environmental Initiatives - Laura Teksler, Los Altos Environmental Commission

We hope you can join us! Registration info will be available in January 2021. If you're interested in more info now, send us an email here.

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