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  • Margie Suozzo

Planting the Paseo: Growing Drought Tolerant Planter Boxes

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Lights, camera, action!

GreenTown is teaming with E3 Youth Philanthropy to bring a sustainability message to a new Arts Los Altos installation. The team will create planter boxes and produce an educational video, highlighting the importance of dought-tolerant plants in addressing the ongoing drought in Northern California.

The art, Inflorescence, created by Liz Hickok and Phil Spitler, and curated by ArtsLosAltos will be installed off of 3rd Street in the paseo adjacent to Akane Restaurant. The installation will evoke the process of flowering using augmented reality, lighting and projection technologies, and feature illuminated benches that light up and enable viewers to enjoy the paseo. Read more about the project here.

GreenTown and E3 will create and install planter boxes with modern climate-suitable plants that fit the modern aesthetic of the installation. The planter boxes will include a QR code that enable viewers to quickly access GreenTown’s website, which will include background on the project, the plants chosen and why, as well as an educational video on the project.

Arts Los Altos approached GreenTown as a partner for the paseo project, particularly the planter boxes, and GreenTown saw it as an opportunity to expand it’s public educational on climate-suitable plants beyond Woodland Library, which includes an interpretive native garden. The E3 Youth Philanthropy team is implementing the project from researching plants and soil types to writing and creating website and video content. The installation in the paseo should be completed by the middle of April. Stay tuned for more information about this project!

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