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Springer and Blach Win 2014 Greenest Schools Challenge!

At Bullis Charter School with Naveen and Ashwin Mukergee and Agent Langone

The 2014 Drive Less and Greenest Schools challenge has ended with Springer Elementary taking top honors in 2 categories: Greenest Elementary School and School Community Award. Springer WoW parent volunteer Kacey Fitzpatrick did a fantastic job signing up parents to support their children’s efforts. It paid off with Springer having more than double the number of registrants of its nearest competitor. A true testament to parental influence, their kids won the Challenge with 65% of Springer students Walking or Wheeling to school on May 7.

Blach again won the Middle School challenge with 70% of kids choosing to WoW to school. From the looks of traffic in the neighborhood, WoW day is every day for Blach students! Way to go Blach Falcons!!!

Loyola continues to make steady strides in its WoW program again winning “Most Improved Elementary School” with a huge jump from 39 to 59% Walking or Wheeling to school. WoW parent volunteer Azar Silver is a rock star of creativity who implemented the DriverLess License to encourage Loyola students to WoW daily during the 2 week challenge. Kids who WoW earned stamps for each day and prizes on Bike to School day.

Agent Langone and the Van Sligter Family at Oak

Thank you to all the WoW parent volunteers, encouraging parents, teachers, and principals for your participation and enthusiaim. Overall WoW commuting is up 7% across the district. Keep up the good work!

A special shout out to Chief Tuck Younis and the LAPD bike patrol officers for supporting the WoW program, and especially Agent Ryan Langone, who cheered on the kids to WoW to school during the Challenge.

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