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  • Gary Hedden

SVCE Commends Bruce Karney and James Tuleya

Greetings Carbon Free Silicon Valley and Carbon Free Mountain View Members,

Last month, in honor of this being Earth Month and 5 years since the first board meeting after Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) formed on March 31, 2016, the SVCE Board of Directors passed resolutions commending Bruce Karney and James Tuleya. Bruce and James were also virtually presented Community Energy Hero awards, see attached images. Read the full text here.

Over the past 5 years, Bruce and James attended a majority of SVCE board and committee meetings, and during our startup phase, they both volunteered their time to assist our small staff with outreach. Their great work continues to today with providing valuable input to our organization.

We also know that many of you work alongside Bruce and James to continue supporting important initiatives, such as Reach Codes, that help advance decarbonization regionally. Thank you all for your great work, and please join me in also saying thank you and congrats to Bruce and James.

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