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  • Michele Gerstel

The Lunch With GreenTown Talks Videos Are Here

Lunch with GreenTown concluded a successful five-week run with ten talks on environmental topics of interest. Here is the list and you can watch the recordings:

Here are highlights of the talks and links to the individual videos!

Energy Efficient Lifestyles - Connie Miller talks about energy efficient, all-electric buildings. Steve Schmidt tells us how to cut your greenhouse gases. Together, they show it is possible to lower your carbon footprint and have a great life.

Good Urban Design - Alison Hicks describes good and bad urban design, and shows us the difference.

Let's Bike - Shiloh Ballard gives us lots of promising ideas to get more people on bikes.

All About Trash - Louie Pelligrini with Mission Trail Waste Systems brings us up to date with the latest on trash and recycling in Los Altos.

Hidden Villa and Regenerative Agriculture - Find out about environmentally-friendly practices at Hidden Villa with Jason McKenney.

The Green Team and More - The Los Altos High School Green Team does so much, and The Los Altos Environmental Commission is in for a big year.

The Future of Food - Isabelle and Peter Cnudde tell us about plant-based eating, why it is important and why it is good for you and the planet.

Can Art Change Our Environmental Consciousness - Local artist Linda Gass shows us that art can change our environmental consciousness. Find out how and get inspired.

The Future of Water - Julie Noblitt talks about the future of water and the circular economy. There is a connection.

Cover Cropping - Master Gardeners Lisa and Kathleen Putnam talk about Cover Crops. The message is simple, get roots in the ground and your garden will thank you.

We hope you'll be able to join us for future events!

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