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  • Suresh Venkatraman

Top Water-Conscious Ways

Here are some top ways to help you and your families be water stewards.

Average residential use of water

Conserve Water

  1. Get a Water Wise House Call from the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

  2. Reduce outdoor water use through efficient irrigation and native plants.

  3. Take advantage of water district rebates for toilets, washers, and turf replacement.

  4. Stop water waste inside and out.

Reduce Watershed Pollution

Protect our streams and the Bay by:

  1. Tuning up your irrigation and/or use drip to prevent water overspray that runs into storm drains and to the creeks.  Native plants help by using less water.

  2. Eliminate or reduce lawn chemical use: synthetic fertilizers, weedkillers, and pest killers that kill stream life.

  3. Wash your car at the car wash.  Do not hose off your driveway.

Minimize Wastewater Pollution

Chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other substances cannot be removed by the Regional Water Quality Control Plant and end up flowing into the Bay with the released effluent.  Minimize this by not dumping anything in the wastewater.  Properly dispose at hazardous waste dropoff sites.

Think about what you eat You can take short showers for a year and save less water than eating a pound of beef, which requires over 2,500 gallons of water to grow and produce.  Other foods, such as butter, pork, and almonds are also very water intensive.

Joe Eyre, Chair Water Stewardship Committee

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