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Your Chance To Become An Ambassador!

Thinking of an all-electric home?

We're spreading the word about the environmental benefits of going all electric in your home through our newly launched Electric Home Ambassador program.

Whether you are just getting started converting your gas appliances to electric and need some guidance, or if you are well along in the process and willing to share your experience with those getting started, there is a place for you in the program which you can read about here.

GreenTown Los Altos, in partnership with Fossil Free Buildings, is starting a Yard Sign program and an Ambassador program. We're looking for people willing to participate in either or both.

The Electric Home Ambassador program is like a buddy system. It matches those who are just starting to electrify their home with people who have already gone through the process. This program was created with the goal of making the home electrification transition easier and more affordable by sharing tips and tricks. There are three ways that you can participate:

  1. If you are interested in being matched with an experienced electric home-owner to learn more about it, you can fill out this Talk to an Ambassador form.

  2. If you are interested in becoming an Electric Home Ambassador, please fill out this Potential Ambassador form.

  3. If you have replaced any gas appliances with electric, and would like to show your support and help spread the word, please sign up to receive a Yard Sign with this form.

Use of gas appliances represents a significant part of a home’s CO2 emissions, and we know use of gas appliances can be harmful to your health. Reducing CO2 emissions from your home’s energy use by switching any gas appliance to a new efficient electric one can make a huge, and wide, impact. In other words, everyone wins!

If you have more questions about the electrification process or would like to know more about possible rebates and local contractors, visit The Switch Is On for more information or email Connie Miller at .

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