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Game Changers: You’ve got to see this film!

~by Margie Suozzo

September 16 marked the one-day only showing of Game Changers, a documentary about the “bill of goods” we’ve been sold by the meat and dairy industry about the nutritional benefits of an omnivore diet for athletic performance. I was there and I can tell you, the movie’s producers, including luminaries such as James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jackie Chan, make a convincing case that it is simply not true. The benefits of a plant-based diet on our gut microbiome and vascular system far outweigh that of a meat and dairy focused diet. And all evidence points to the fact that we, as humans, were designed to eat plants.

The film follows James Wilks, a combat instructor for the US military and former UFC fighter, who endured a bad injury and set out to research the optimal diet for recovery. This investigation led him on a journey of discovery that a plant-based diet was not only the best medicine to support his recovery, but also the diet of many uber athletes, ranging from the Roman gladiators, a woman’s running champion and a champion track cyclist to the strongest man in the world. I’ve been a “flexible” vegan for more than a year now and came away with a clearer sense of the nutritional benefits of a plant-based diet. The movie is now availableto pre-order on i-tunes. It’s anticipated to hit the digital world on 10/1. Don’t miss it!

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