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Travel to school – Walk, Drive, or Bike

Some things to think about before choosing a means of transportation for getting to school:

  1. 90% of the traffic at a school is from parents dropping off students.  If more students were walking or biking to school rather than being driven, traffic around schools would dramatically drop and make it safer.

  2. Studies show students with a half hour of exercise before school are more attentive during school and are able to focus better than students who do not.  If a child has to be driven, perhaps finding a place to be dropped off and walking a few blocks would be better than being dropped off at the front of school (less traffic around too!)

  3. The US Dept. of Health recommends children have 60 minutes of exercise a day.  A good portion of that amount can likely be covered when a child walks or bikes to school and back home.

  4. Students who have been walking or biking to school from grade K-10 are better drivers when they get their automobile license than those who have not.  The walking/biking students have been learning the ways of the road for many years and understand street patterns when they finally learn to drive.

  5. Middle school students start becoming more independent from their parents and want more social time with their peers.  Walking/Biking in groups to and from school helps foster their emotional development.

Teaching children safe ways to travel on their own in our neighborhood lasts a life time.  Driving them only lasts a trip.

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