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WoW! Student of the Week: Matt McTighe

Matt McTighe, 7th Grader at Blach Middle School

The GreenTown Walk or Wheel (WoW!) program honors kids who walk or ride their bikes to school.

Matt McTighe 7th Grader, Blach Middle School

How far and how often do you ride your bike to/from school?  How long does it take? I ride about 2 miles from home to school and about 4 or 5 days a week.  It takes 15 minutes to ride to school.

What is your favorite thing about riding your bike? I like going off mini-jumps on the curbs as I go to school.  I like going off road as well on gravel or dirt on the way to school near St. Simon on Grant Rd.

What do you wish was better about your ride to/from school? I wish the sidewalks were wider so that I can ride my bike on them because the cars feel they are very close when I ride on the street.

Why do you ride your bike to school? We live a little far away so I cannot walk and my dad does not want to drive me school.

How would you get other kids to ride their bikes to/from school? Why would they drive in a car when they live so close to school and could get there just as fast?

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