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WoW! Students of the Week: Ryan & Cameron Cox

Ryan and sister Cameron Cox, 3rd and 2nd grader at Santa Rita Elementary

The GreenTown Walk or Wheel (WoW!) program honors kids who walk or ride their bikes to school.

Ryan Cox 3rd Grader, Santa Rita Elementary School

Cameron Cox 2nd Grader, Santa Rita Elementary School

How far and how often do you ride your bike to/from school? We ride our bikes everyday except when it rains.

What is your favorite thing about riding your bike? My favorite thing is I get to ride with my sister, Cameron.

What do you wish was better about your trip? I wish it was not so cold sometimes.

Why do you ride your bike to school? It gets me active and I get to go outside.

What is the funniest thing that happened on your ride? Coco, our neighbor’s dog, chased after us.

How would you get other kids to ride their bikes to/from school? I would say they could win a Popsicle party for their class.

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