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GreenTown Los Altos kicks off Solar Initiative

REC Solar cars parked in front of the Bike Shop at 359 State St.

by Gary Hedden Volunteer – GreenTown Los Altos

Brian Boggs talks with Ben Chates, REC Solar Energy Consultant.

Over two dozen eager residents turned out Wednesday night for a community workshop hosted by GreenTown Los Altos to kick off an initiative to get more solar panels installed in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills.  Working with Bay Area Climate Collaborative’s SunShares program, a group discount has been obtained that offers local residents substantial savings.  Kevin Armstrong, technical advisor for the SunShares program, reported that the selection team screened several proposals and picked REC Solar on the basis of price, quality and experience.  The first step in getting a solar installation is to sign up and then REC Solar takes over.

Kevin Armstrong, technical advisor for the SunShares program

Kevin Armstrong, Technical Advisor, SunShares program

Jay Hermon, Northern California Sales Manager for REC Solar explained that you will get a no-obligation bid and you will quickly know if it makes sense.  He also told the story of REC Solar – started in 1997 by two Cal Poly graduates and now with over 7000 installations completed.  He told how solar works and how it feeds energy back into the PG&E grid – and the best part is when “the meter literally runs backwards.”  He next explained that the lease options now available, actually power purchase agreements, mean “homeowners can install solar with little or no money down and see immediate savings.”  In addition, Ben Chates, Solar Energy Consultant, mentioned that “we keep the systems up and running because that is the way we get referrals.”

Join GreenTown Los Altos and SunShares in the move to clean solar energy.  This group buy offer is a really great deal, but the registration is only open until the end of June, so don’t wait.  It can be a win for the environment – and a win for you.

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