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GreenTown Spotlight: Friends of Deer Hollow Farm

This blog post represents is a new series connecting GreenTown friends and family to other organizations doing work consistent with our mission.  This week we look at Friends of Deer Hollow Farm.

White lamb

White lamb

Friends of Deer Hollow Farm is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  It works to preserve Deer Hollow Farm, located in Rancho San Antonio Park in Cupertino, as a working homestead and supports historical and environmental education programs for our community.  Approximately 100,000 people visit the Farm annually.  More than 5,000 children come on school field trips annually from 40 Bay Area Schools.  In an outdoor, hands-on classroom, they learn about the source of their food, recycling, organic gardening, the value of open space and parks, the interdependence of all life, and local history.

Meeting a Sheep

Meeting a Sheep

On Saturday, May 19, Friends of Deer Hollow Farm held the last of its 2012 Spring Farm Days. Kids were invited to go nose-to-nose with the new lambs and kids, a cow, pigs, chickens, rabbits, ducks, sheep and goats.  Trained docents were stationed in the animal pens, explaining animal care and what life was like on a homestead farm.  Farm-goers spent some time with the animals and walked through century-old farm buildings, a large organic garden and orchard, and learned what daily life was like just 150 years ago, when most Americans lived on homestead farms like Deer Hollow Farm.

Through July 7, 2012, Friends of Deer Hollow Farm is a designated recipient of the bag credit (5 cents per bag) donations at the Los Altos Whole Foods store located at 4800 El Camino Real.  To donate, simply tell your Los Altos Whole Foods checker that you’d like your bag credit to go to Friends of Deer Hollow Farm.

For more information on Deer Hollow Farm, click here.

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