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Is Your Home Leaking Energy?

Do you suffer from cold or drafty rooms, moldy or musty smells, or high utility bills? These may be signs that your home is leaking energy or at least not delivering your heating and cooling where they need to go. A new program can help you address these problems.

Energy upgrades can make your home more comfortable, improve your health and lower your energy bills 10-40%. Homeowners (or rentors) can choose from two Energy Upgrade packages:

  1. The Basic Package offers a rebate of $1,000 for a pre-determined set of retrofit measures, including attic insulation, air sealing and duct sealing.

  2. The Advanced Packaged offers up to $4,000 for a customized list of upgrades based on an energy assessment, contractor recommendations and your goals. For the latest information, visit Energy Upgrade California.

GreenTown hosted an educational presentation on home energy efficiency in September 2010 featuring Recurve. The  Q&A from that talk can be found on our website and a video of the presentation on GreenTown’s YouTube channel.

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