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  • Donna Staton

Just when bring-your-own-container was catching on….

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

We all were thrilled when last summer California Assembly Bill AB619 took effect, allowing customers to bring their own cups, containers for bulk and deli items, and to-go containers to stores and restaurants. Then…

COVID 19 hit, and restaurants and stores have now, understandably, limited use of such reusable containers. Theoretically, there should not be an extra risk because the reusable container should not contact goods for other customers, but given the possible severity of this disease, no one wants to take chances.

But let’s not despair! All the efforts we still make in our shopping and at home to avoid single use plastic and reuse non-plastic items are still worth it! This is a temporary situation. We look forward to when we can resume our campaign to educate the community about the many ways we can reduce single use plastics at stores and restaurants. Stay tuned for more on our efforts to introduce reusable returnable multi-vendor cups in Los Altos!

One potentially positive outcome from COVID 19–the severe shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for our valiant health workers has renewed interest in hospital quality reusable gowns, masks and gloves—which would greatly reduce the amount of single use synthetic materials heading by the ton to our landfills. Moreover, these items could be washed/disinfected onsite, reducing transport needs.

Some good may come out of all this after all. We sure hope so.

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