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Gulp. The Drought? It’s Actually Worldwide

We are not alone…

The severe California drought is part of a world-wide water crisis, a tidbit confirmed by Laura Allen, an expert on all things water. On Mar. 23, at the Los Altos Library, Allen presented a vivid picture of this crisis through expansive charts and pictures that told that story.

“Do you know where your water comes from?”

“Do you know where your water comes from ?” Allen asked an audience that filled the library program room. After brief comments on municipal water systems, we delved into the range of practical options for reducing water consumption in our homes.

High on the list? Everything from repairing simple leaks, to collecting rainwater and reusing household greywater, we learned that we can conserve a significant amount of water daily that collectively will make a difference.

In particular, laundry-to-landscape greywater systems are both low cost and simple to install. Allen explained the operation of several greywater systems and audience members had an opportunity to sign up for a hands-on greywater workshop.

Laura came to the talk with a large box filled with her new book, “The Water-Wise Home”. All copies were sold out by the end of the evening. The book is available at

For further information you can look at Allen’s instructions for tapping your house into a grey water system here or go to

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