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Shaped by Water Exhibition wins Silicon Valley Water Conservation Award

Shaped by Water exhibition committee members from GreenTown Los Altos (GTLA) and the Los Altos History Museum receive their award from coalition members. (L-R) Anona Dutton (BAWSCA and Coalition member)., Gary Hedden (GTLA), Kit Gordon (GTLA), Linda Gass (GTLA), Elizabeth Sarmiento (presenter, Valley Verde and Coalition member), Jane Reed (Los Altos History Museum), Peter Drekmeier (Tuolumne River Trust and Coalition member) Photo credit: Peg Champion, Champion Organic Communications

The Shaped by Water Exhibition was recently recognized for its significant role in educating the public in a fun and engaging manner about the importance of conserving water.

The Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards Coalition was formed five years ago to address the difficulties we face in maintaining an adequate water supply while protecting natural ecosystems; a problem that will become even more challenging in the era of climate change and population growth. 

The Awards recognize organizations and individuals whose programs and leadership have advanced water conservation and recycled water use in Silicon Valley (San Mateo County, Santa Clara County and Alameda County from Hayward south). 

This year, the Coalition selected six winners:

Business: LifeScan (Milpitas)

Government Agency: County of Santa Clara

Organization: First Community Housing (San Jose)

Greenscape Management: East Side Union High School District (San Jose)

Education: Linda Gass & Shaped by Water (Los Altos)

Water Champion: Arvind Kumar (San Jose)

This 72-foot long installation with 153 one-gallon water bottles represents the average daily water use per person in the Santa Clara Valley. The different colors show what percentage of the water is used for different purposes. Photo credit: Joel Bartlett

Members of GreenTown Los Altos and many others volunteered hundreds of hours of time to research, design, build and install the exhibition.  They were also instrumental in developing associated programs, such as the rainwater harvesting workshop, educational tours for 5th grade, high school students and scouting troops, and the water-themed Earth Day Festival. 

The Hidden Water Scale reveals how many gallons of water it takes to produce different foods. The scale lights up when you place a plate of food on it and you can compare different foods such as chicken and beef, or white and brown rice. Photo credit: Joel Bartlett

Nearly 9,000 people saw the exhibit when it was on view at the Los Altos History Museum.  The exhibit is now touring, and is on view at History San Jose through September 8, 2013.  Based on past attendance, History San Jose anticipates that 60,000 visitors will see the exhibit.The exhibit has received rave reviews from visitors and the press.  Having it be seen by so many people is a dream come true for those who worked to create it.

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